About Hahn & Co.
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Hahn & Co. is Korea’s leading
private equity investment group
Founded in 2010 Private Equity Investment Firm

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Hahn & Co. primarily acquires
controlling positions in companies with a focus on situations
in which it believes value can be derived by bringing to bear
the firm’s expertise and experience as owners and operators
of businesses.

Hahn & Co. professionals directly develop long-term strategic
and operational value creation initiatives, including those
in areas such as revenue growth, new product development,
R&D investments, sales and marketing repositioning, margin
expansion, as well as undertaking additional strategic and
operational initiatives.


Hahn & Co. is
one of Korea’s leading
private equity firms

Founded in 2010, Hahn & Co. focuses on making corporate
acquisitions in South Korea across a wide range of industries.
With over US$10.5 billion in private equity assets
under management, Hahn & Co. focuses on making corporate
acquisitions in situations where the experience and ability of its
professionals can be leveraged to maximize the performance and
enhance the long-term strategic value of companies acquired.

Hahn & Co. places a high degree of emphasis on working from
first principles and having direct and active involvement in the
companies acquired. The unique experience of Hahn & Co.
professionals as both investors and management executives
across multiple industries in Korea represent key competitive
advantages in acquiring, operating and divesting from businesses.

  • 2022

    Hahn & Co. acquires 100% of SKC Industrial Film Business for approximately US$1.3 billion, the largest buyout completed in Korea in 2022.


    Hahn & Co. closes Asia’s largest GP-led single-asset continuation fund, the US$1.5 billion acquisition of Ssangyong C&E.

  • 2021

    K-Car successfully lists on KOSPI, the first public offering of a private equity owned business in five years.

  • 2020

    Hahn & Co. acquires SK Chemical’s biofuel business for US$330 million.


    Hahn & Co. partners with Hana Financial Group to acquire H-Line Shipping for US$1.5 billion.


    Hahn & Co. acquires Korean Air’s in-flight catering and duty-free business for US$800 million.

  • 2019

    Hahn & Co. closes its third flagship and co-investment funds totaling US$3.2 billion, the largest private equity fund raised for Korea to date.

  • 2018

    Hahn & Co. acquires a 79% stake in Korea's largest and the world's 12th largest wet bulk shipping company from the SK Group, the largest buyout from a chaebol conglomerate in Korea to date.

  • 2016

    Hahn & Co. acquires a controlling 77% stake in Ssangyong Cement, Korea's largest cement manufacturer.

  • 2015

    Cowell E Holdings becomes Korea's first company ever to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE).


    Hahn & Co. closes Korea’s largest private equity investment to date, a US$3.6 billion acquisition of Hanon Systems (formerly Halla Visteon Climate Control).

  • 2014

    Hahn & Co. closes its second flagship funds totaling US$1.9 billion.

  • 2011

    Hahn & Co. closes its first flagship fund at US$750 million, the largest Korean country fund raised to date.

  • 2010

    Hahn & Co. commences business.


Chairman Hahn & Company

Yeo-Eul Yoon is Chairman of Hahn & Co. Mr. Yoon was previously President & CEO of Sony Group
Korea, one of Korea’s largest multinational corporations with market-leading businesses across
semiconductors, LCD panel display manufacturing, mobile phone components, consumer
electronics, multimedia and broadcasting equipment. Mr. Yoon spent 21 years at the Sony Group,
where he was also CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment.
Mr. Yoon is a native of South Korea, having been born and raised in Korea, and was educated
in Korea and Japan. Mr. Yoon holds a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Business Administration
from Sophia University in Japan and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

The chairman of Hahn & Company, Yeo-Eul Yoon, crossed his arms over his chest and smiled.
The chief executive officer of Hahn & Company, Sang-Won Hahn, seated in a dignified manner.
Sang-Won Hahn
Chief Executive Officer Hahn & Company

Scott Hahn is Chief Executive Officer of Hahn & Co. Previously, Mr. Hahn was with Morgan Stanley
for 15 years, where he served as Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer for the Private
Equity Group in Asia and Representative Director of Morgan Stanley Private Equity Korea,
a business he started for Morgan Stanley in 2000. Mr. Hahn is a native of South Korea,
having been born and raised in Korea, and was educated abroad in the United States.
He graduated cum laude from Phillips Exeter Academy, holds a Bachelor of Arts cum laude
in Economics from Yale University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard
Business School.