We see the Ferrum Tower and other high skyscrapers around Hahn & Company.


Hahn & Co.’s group of companies are
leaders in their respective industries

Hahn & Co. focuses on acquiring controlling stakes in companies
that operate with sustainable competitive advantages across
various industries in which Korea maintains global competitiveness
or in situations unique to the Korea marketplace generally driven
by consolidation, regulatory or demographic changes.

Hahn & Co. currently has companies across a broad range of sectors
across technology manufacturing, building materials, automobile
components, consumer goods, transportation & logistics as well as
new media.

  • SK Shipping Transportation & Logistics

    Korea’s largest and the world’s 12th largest wet bulk shipping company; acquired a 79% stake from the SK Group

    Year : 2018 Status: Current
  • Hanjin Shipping Industrial Car Transportation & Logistics

    Hanjin Shipping Industrial Carrier Division (H-Line Shipping)

    Korea's largest long-term dry bulk and LNG carrier

    Year : 2014 Status: Current
  • HMM Bulk Carrier Division (H-L Transportation & Logistics

    HMM Bulk Carrier Division (H-Line Shipping)

    Korea’s second largest long-term dry bulk carrier

    Year : 2016 Status: Current
  • HVCC (Hanon Systems) Auto parts

    Halla Visteon Climate Control (Hanon Systems)

    Korea’s largest independent manufacturer of auto parts; world’s second largest producer of automotive thermal systems (Formerly Halla Visteon Climate Control)

    Year : 2015 Status: Current
  • Magna FP&C (Hanon Systems) Auto parts

    Magna International Fluid Pressure & Control Group (Hanon Systems)

    Global leader in automotive pump components and electronic cooling fan modules based on brushless DC motor technolgy, providing thermal and energy management solutions for internal combustion engine vehicles and electrified vehicles of global automakers

    Year : 2018 Status: Current
  • Coavis Auto parts

    Globally leading automobile fuel pump module manufacturer serving the world's largest automakers

    Year : 2012 Status: Current
  • Ssangyong Cement Industrial

    Korea’s largest cement manufacturer

    Year : 2016 Status: Current
  • Daehan Cement Industrial

    Korea’s second largest independent manufacturer of slag cement

    Year : 2012 Status: Current
  • Hannam Cement Industrial

    Together with Daehan Cement, represents the largest slag cement producer in the southern region of Korea

    Year : 2013 Status: Current
  • Daehan Slag Industrial

    Korea’s largest slag powder manufacturer; acquired a 100% stake from POSCO, one of the world's largest steelmakers

    Year : 2015 Status: Current
  • KC&D In-flight catering and duty fr

    Korean air Catering & Duty free

    Korean top-tier in-flight meal production company which has the largest production facilities in Korea and is also engaged in in-flight duty free sales

    Year : 2020 Status: Current
  • Hotel Hyundai Hospitality & Leisure

    Owns and/or manages four 5-star hotels in Gyeongju, Ulsan, Mokpo, and Gangneung; acquired a 100% stake from Hyundai Heavy Industries

    Year : 2017 Status: Current
  • Best Western Pohang (Hotel Hyu Hospitality & Leisure

    Best Western Pohang Hotel (Hotel Hyundai)

    Top-tier hotel in Pohang with the highest standards of service and facilities with steady demand from business travelers and government offices all year round

    Year : 2019 Status: Current
  • Hotel LeWin (Hotel Hyundai) Hospitality & Leisure

    Hotel LeWin (Hotel Hyundai)

    Landmark hotel in the city of Jeonju, one of the most popular tourist cities in Korea

    Year : 2019 Status: Current
  • SK Encar (K Car) Retail

    Korea’s largest integrated online and offline used car retailer; acquired a 100% stake from the SK Group

    Year : 2018 Status: Current
  • Joy Rent A Car (K Car Capital) Consumer Services

    One of Korea’s major auto rental companies; acquired a 100% stake from the CJ Group

    Year : 2018 Status: Current
  • SK Eco Prime Biofuel Manufacturing

    Korea’s largest biofuel manufacturer; acquired a 100% stake from SK Chemicals

    Year : 2020 Status: Current
  • SK D&D Real estate & renewable energy

    Korea’s leading commercial and residential real estate developer and a top-tier developer in renewable energy such as wind and solar power generation as well as ESS (electric storage systems)

    Year : 2017 Status: Current
  • Woongjin Foods Consumer Goods

    One of Korea's largest non-alcoholic beverage makers with a focus on juices and teas

    Year : 2013 Status: Exited
  • Daeyoung Foods Consumer Goods

    Korea's leading chewing gum and confectionery maker

    Year : 2014 Status: Exited
  • Dongbu Farm Gaya Consumer Goods

    Korea’s leading consumer juice maker

    Year : 2015 Status: Exited
  • N Search Marketing New Media

    Korea’s largest internet advertising agency specializing in search advertising

    Year : 2014 Status: Exited
  • MABLE New media

    Korea’s top-tier online advertising agency, specializing in online display advertising

    Year : 2012 Status: Exited
  • Cowell e Holdings IT

    Globally leading camera module and optical component manufacturer; First Korean company ever to complete an initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE)

    Year : 2011 Status: Exited